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Hotel in the city centre of Pärnu


Pärnu Hotel is located in the city centre on a historic main street, in the former location of Endla Theatre. An international bus station, Pärnu Keskus, the Port Artur shopping centre, the Apollo cinema, cafes and nightclubs are all located near the hotel. Endla Theatre, Pärnu Concert Hall and the beach are all just a walk away.

Pärnu Hotel provides its guests with many extra services both at the hotel and via our partners, so as to make your stay in the hotel convenient and memorable.

In addition, Pärnu Hotel houses various beauty rooms, hourly saunas.

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Services provided at the Pärnu Hotel for an additional fee


  • Laundry, fee according to the price list. Laundry requests made at the hotel reception before 10 a.m. will be fulfilled on the same day. Requests that are made later will be fulfilled at least by the next day.
  • Parking cards for the city parking area near the hotel are sold at the hotel reception. Guests staying at the hotel overnight can park their cars for free in the car park behind the hotel (if there are vacant spaces). Hotel parking cards are available at the reception and can be collected at check-in.
  • Printing and making copies at the hotel reception.
  • Bicycle rent.
  • Guided tours of the city.
  • Car rental.
  • Transfer service.
  • Theatre and concert tickets.

Surprise package

If a friend or business partner of yours is staying at Pärnu Hotel, you can order a welcome package and have it delivered to their room.

Please place a welcome package order at least one working day before the guest’s arrival. You can order gift cards and welcome packages and request additional information from the sales department by calling +372 447 8902 or e-mailing reservations@hotelparnu.com



Welcome package 1

Sparking wine 750 ml
Fruit platter
Welcome card

Price: 30€

Welcome package 2

Sparking wine 750 ml
Ferrero Rocher pralines
Welcome card

Price: 30€

Welcome package 3

Sparking wine 750 ml
Welcome card
Flowers (five roses)

Price: 30€

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