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In autumn and winter, when hot summer days are over, Pärnu is the perfect place for a peaceful family holiday. Pärnu Hotel has partnered with many water centres, a children’s play world. Families with children can stay at Pärnu Hotel, located in the city centre.


the beloved Lotte Village is located near Pärnu, Estonia. There is lots of fun to be had in Lotte Village. Discover more than 100 attractions, inventions or playthings! You can have adventures in the adventure park, get lost in a labyrinth, learn about the universe in the planetarium, try fascinating music instruments, make music with Paula the cat mummy, exercise with Mati the cat daddy, make crafts in Oskar’s shed with Lotte’s father, play fun games with Lotte, Bruno and Albert, and listen to old rover Klaus’s stories from faraway lands.

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Valgeranna Adventure Park

Conquering new heights, jumping into nets, hoops and obstacles, long zip-lines, THIS IS ADVENTURE PARK IN THE TREE TOPS!

Venturing the trails in tree tops, you’ll discover yourself and companions in exhilarating situations! Valgeranna Adventure Park has a total of 6 trails.

Each trail reaches new heights and you’ll gradually pass through more difficult obstacles. All trails are rewarded in the end with a speedy descent on a zip-line. Exciting and memorable experiences are guaranteed to kids and adults of all ages.

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Pärnu Game Jungel

The mission of Jungle is to provide children with a clean, safe environment where they can survive and enjoy a simple game.

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Pärnu Mini Zoo

The zoo’s collection consists of snakes from the Estonian viper Vipera berus to the large reticulated python and Python molurus. The venomous snakes found in the zoo also include the notorious Central Asian cobra and the Texas rattlesnake.

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Munamäe Park in Pärnu

Munamäe Park may not be big, but it is one of only six protected parks within the City of Pärnu. It is the highest point in the town. Not far from the centre of Pärnu, the park is the perfect place to come with kids. It has benches to sit on, a play area and a skatepark.

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Pärnu Beach Park

The green areas, boulevards and shady parks are an integral part of Pärnu as a resort town. The park is located right beside the beach and is a popular place for a walk or just to relax. he park area adjacent to the sea has a modern and safe playground for children. A fitness trail passes through the park, and there are plenty of places to have a picnic.

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