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Visit Pärnu

The official website of the Pärnu city and county tourist information office. Here you will find good ideas for what to do in Pärnu and Pärnu County – information about local attractions, events and other exciting things that are happening right now.

Visit Pärnu

Tervise Paradiisi Water Centre

Tervise Paradiis is a relaxing place where you can spend time with your friends and family!
Everyone going down the slides of the water park gets a great adrenaline injection. 4 different slides start from the start platform that is 11 metres high and the longest of them is 85 metres. You will land safely in the security channel after a quick and fun dash down the slide. Braver visitors can also try the 4-metre diving platform and rapid mountain rivers.

Tervise Paradiisi Veekeskus



Pärnu Museum

Pärnu Museum is one of the most contemporary museums in the Baltic region, offering excitement for the entire family.

The permanent exhibition ‘11,000 Years of History – Experiences from Times Long Ago’ takes you on a fascinating journey through time, starting from the Stone Age, continuing through the medieval trade routes and the Baroque fortified city to the nostalgic Soviet era.
You can also learn about the evolution of the resort town that is very characteristic of Pärnu.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum has premises for temporary exhibitions; the multifaceted programme includes alternating exhibitions of art and history.
The museum café offers authentic food experiences from the historical periods. The museum gift shop includes products from local artisans

Pärnu muuseum

OKOK Laisure Centrer

Not much fun when there’s nothing to do
The fun starts when there is a lot to do!
With us, you can move, play and hang out with your friends every day!

Contact: +372 442 0410

OKOK Laisure Center



Tõruke Bike Hire

Family company that hires out bikes to people of all ages. In addition to ordinary bikes they also offer tandem bikes, child seats and trailers. They make sure that every cyclist is kitted out with proper protective and security equipment, which is to say a helmet and a lock.
Bike hire is open during the summer season, but you can hire bikes from them all year round.

Contact: +372 502 8269

Tõrukese rattarent



Pärnu Endla Theatre

The first building of Endla Theatre was destroyed in a fire in 1944. The decision made in the Soviet times was not to restore it in its original location as the theatre was a national symbol too important for the Estonian people.

The new building was established in a 1967 in the Stalinist central square, an empty space that had been reserved for the Executive Committee of Pärnu Oblast in 1952. The size of the square made the theatre, which was built according to the Soviet standard design, look like a little pavilion.

Extensive reconstruction of the theatre was completed in 2001, by the 90th season of the professional Endla Theatre and it included a new smaller hall, which was called Küün (Barn) in homage to the first theatre building of Pärnu from the 19th century.

Endla Teater

Pärnu night clubs

The nightlife of Pärnu is enriched by night clubs, where we offer free passes to our guests staying at the hotel.
Sugar Night Club, Vaarikas Night Club, Lokaal Kassa are waiting for you.

Ööklubi Sugar Ööklubi Vaarikas Lokaal Kassa


Adventure company 360 degrees

The main job is to offer adventure games and hikes all over Estonia.
mostly engaged in snowshoeing, canoeing, kayaking and fatbike hiking, as well as sledding and skating in winter.
You can book a trip from them all year round.
In addition, it offers adventure games for both groups and individual players.
The portfolio of these services also includes team training related to adventure games.
Camping equipment can also be rented.

360 kraadi



Pernova Nature House

The permanent exhibition on the three floors of Pernova Nature House, which has a rounded grass roof, offers something for both children and adults. Visitors can see: a winter garden, a pet room, a film room, a cave of sounds, and exhibits of Pärnu County nature.
Families can participate in exploration and searching games in the building and outside.

Pernova Loodusmaja

Mini Zoo exotic terrarium

The MiniZoo is located in the centre of Pärnu where visitors can see many interesting animals living in its exotic terrarium.
The zoo’s collection consists of snakes from smaller species to large pythons and boa constrictors. The venomous snakes found in the zoo include the common adder, cobras, rattlesnakes, etc. Many of the snakes on display at MiniZoo are unique in European zoos. We also have some geckos, iguanas, monitor lizards, and crocodiles.
Braver visitors can also pet and hold the animals!

Mini Zoo



Pärnu Bay Golf  Links

Pärnu Bay Golf Links (opened in autumn 2015) is a versatile golf complex that has five par-3 tracks in addition to an 18-hole course and a driving range for longer or shorter strokes. This is the first links-type course in the Baltic countries with a length of 4,500 to 6,200 m.
An impressive club house stands by the sea; it has saunas for golfers, a shop offering golf equipment, a lounge café, and Golf Restaurant Eagle. The restaurant serves  Nordic interpretation of modern European flavours.

Pärnu Bay Golf Links



White Beach Golf

White Beach Golf, an 18-hole golf course, is located near Valgerand (White Beach), the most beautiful beach by Pärnu Bay.
The 84-hectare area includes greens, wide fairways and a total of about 19 hectares of water obstacles. The links-type course is perfect for any golfer.
The price and quality ratio of the golf course is the best in Estonia! The new modern club house offers the services of dressing rooms, saunas, a Pro Shop, a bar, and a restaurant for all visitors. During the season, the restaurant is open every day.

White Beach Golf

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