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Hotel Pärnu values ​​a sustainable way of life and strives for the smallest possible ecological footprint. We have joined the Green Key program.

In our daily activities, we proceed from environmental friendliness:

  • we use water, heat and electricity sparingly
  • we sort waste and try to reduce its generation
  • we avoid the use of chemicals that are harmful or dangerous to the environment
  • we use environmentally friendly materials
  • we are a non-smoking hotel
  • to reduce packaging, we only use soap and shampoo in dispensers
  • we support the circular economy by donating old textile products to shelters and care homes that need it
  • we value and use products from local manufacturers
  • we prefer local fresh ingredients
  • we prefer partners who share similar environmental beliefs

We are grateful if you also contribute to the more sustainable use of natural resources:

  • using water sparingly
  • removing the card from the power slot when leaving the room
  • using the same towel the next day if possible
  • placing household waste into rubbish bins, packaging and bottles next to the rubbish bin and paper on the table in your room
  • putting as much food on the plate as you eat
  • moving as much as possible by bicycle, on foot or by public transport
  • handing over used batteries or other hazardous waste to a hotel receptionist so that we can take them to a collection point

Thank you for helping us save nature.

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